Casol: The Story Behind Our Revolutionary Cookware

Casol: The Story Behind Our Revolutionary Cookware

How Casol became the “King of Cookware”

From their humble beginnings in Peru, the Diaz family knew they wanted to impact the way families come together and dine positively. Enrique Diaz and Maria Gonzalez, owners and designers of Casol cookware, delighted us with an interview where they delved into the cookware company’s rich history. They describe how Mr. Diaz’s father, Oscar Diaz Bonifaz, displayed an inclination towards entrepreneurialism when he began selling cameras in Lima, Peru, to help capture life’s special moments. From there, they have come a long way to expand their family business: Casol, El Rey de las Ollas, which translates to the “King of Cookware.” The Diaz family prides themselves on being able to provide top-quality products that not only make home-cooked meals easier but also healthier. Mr. Diaz details the dangers of cooking with Teflon because it can begin to flake over time and be consumed by users. Aware of these concerns, the Diaz family meticulously curated their set of cookware which eliminates the need to cook with oil since their products are made with stainless steel and last a lifetime.

Holding Throne in the Cookware Kingdom

Unlike many other brands in their industry, the Diaz family describes how their family is not overly focused on the latest marketing tactics that the competition is creating. Instead, they prioritize innovation and bringing forth the best cooking utensils possible for their consumers. Nonetheless, they plan on turning threats in the industry into opportunities. Technology can be very intimidating, and entering new markets is accompanied by a set of unique struggles. They mention that the family wants to use the digital space to reach new audiences. As a testament to this endeavor, Casol is launching a new website in the summer of 2021 where in-depth information can be obtained about the company and its products. Casol’s objective is to design a product they believe in, and social channels such as Instagram will allow them to share their vision and creations with others. With the aid of Nativa, a multicultural communications agency, they are positioning themselves so their goals can come to fruition in the short term. As part of their initial work with the agency, Nativa created a Digital Strategy Playbook for Casol to guide their plans throughout 2021-2022. An essential step in the digital space from the Playbook is launching an official company store on Amazon, which provides an excellent opportunity for consumers looking to access high-quality cookware easily. 

Casol’s All-Embracing Culture

As a small, family-owned business, Casol understands the meaning of community and values the relationships they build with consumers. They strive to innovate their products while keeping the user experience in mind. Catering to their technology-savvy audience, information on the company will soon be more readily available through popular social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. The relationships that the company builds with Casol cookware customers are of high importance because these products are expected to last a lifetime and Casol wants to stay true to that declaration. Lastly, building trust with consumers is one of the core values for Casol. Therefore, Mr. Diaz and Mrs. Gonzalez mention how being transparent is imperative. As mentioned earlier, one of the foundations for establishing Casol was ensuring that families are using top-quality products that would result in healthier dishes. The Diaz family continues to put the user experience of their cookware at the forefront with no indications of changing this prerogative. 

Final Thoughts from the Diaz Family

The Diaz family has big plans for the future. Following through with Oscar’s vision, Casol plans on reaching a global audience. Mr. Diaz describes how they will share their appreciation for healthy, home-cooked meals worldwide while still maintaining close ties with consumers. As they know they can’t do everything themselves, Casol is partnering only with companies that aim to help Casol with its expansion by keeping in touch with consumers wherever they may be. Through this intense focus on the future with their customers coming first, Casol the “King of Cookware” is a title that will hold for many years to come!